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Tire Repair near Me

Walker Jones Ram Dodge Chrysler Jeep Waycross GA

Walker Jones CDJR is proud to offer complete automotive services, including tire repair near you in Douglas, Baxley, Tifton, Jesup, and Waycross, GA. Our team will help you to get the tire services your vehicle is calling for as well as recommend the best wheels to go with should you need a complete tire replacement.

We'll also go over how to spot when your tires may need to be repaired, so read on to learn more and give us a call if you have any questions along the way. Schedule a service appointment to get started.

Our Tire Experts

Walker Jones Ram Dodge Chrysler Jeep Waycross GA

When it comes to your tires, our technicians are experts. We'll take the time to inspect your wheels and recommend the best course of action to take. Whether your tires just need a simple patch or need to be replaced altogether, we'll happily assist you and get your car back to the roads of Georgia quickly.

To keep your tires in great condition for miles to come, we also offer routine maintenance services such as tire rotations, wheel alignments, and tire balancing.

How Long do Your Tires Last?

Walker Jones Ram Dodge Chrysler Jeep Waycross GA

Typically, your tires will need to be replaced every 40,000 miles or four years. However, if you make sure to stay consistent with tire rotations, alignments, and balancing, you may find you get more miles out of your wheels. On the other hand, driving through rougher conditions, such as off-roading, can cause your tires to wear down quicker.

The following are some signs you may need new wheels or quick tire repair:

  • Low Tire Tread

Every month, you should perform a visual inspection of your vehicle, including its tires. Take a look at your tread to ensure it's in good condition. One way to see if tread is low, is to place a penny head down into your tread. If the top of Lincoln's head disappears, then your tread is good. But if the head is sticking out, it's time for new tires.

  • Cracked Tires

During your visual inspection, make sure you're checking the sides of your tires for cracks as well. Little cracks and holes are a sign of a future blowout, so it's important to have them patched or replaced as soon as possible to avoid any issues when traveling around.

Walker Jones Ram Dodge Chrysler Jeep Waycross GA

  • Uneven Wear

If you see that tread wear on your tires is uneven on one side, then you should have your tires inspected right away. You may just need a tire rotation to evenly distribute wear or, if the wear is significant enough, then you may need new wheels altogether.

  • Vibration When Driving

Excessive vibration in your tires when driving is a sign there's an issue with alignment, or possibly, a damaged suspension. If you're no longer experiencing a smooth ride, have your car inspected by your local service center as soon as possible.

Schedule Tire Repair near You Today!

If you're experiencing any signs it's time for your tires to be repaired or replaced, just give us a call at Walker Jones CDJR. We're happy to set up tire repair near you in Douglas, Baxley, Tifton, Jesup, and Waycross, Georgia, so schedule an appointment today!